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Green Lighting Solutions provides turnkey solutions to everyday problems: high energy bills.

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  • 11 Year Lifespan
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In just 30 minutes,Green Lighting Solutions can demonstrate how your facility can save between 45% and 90% of your lighting energy expenses—immediately. And, GLS will explain how the Green Lighting Solutions program can help make a gentler, kinder impact on the environment.

Recent advances in LED* technology have surged the marketplace with incredible energy-efficient lighting components. These bright, energy efficient lights generate very little heat and use substantially less power than incandescents, compact fluorescents, and other commercial lighting products and can save up to 90% of lighting energy expenses! Lasting up to 11 years, LED lights can practically eliminate short-term maintenance. Eco-friendly LEDs are 100% recyclable and contain no toxic materials such as mercury found in fluorescents or gases found in halogen bulbs. Converting to LEDs reduces the carbon footprint—the impact of human activities on the amount of greenhouse gases we produce.

In just 30 minutes, GLS will share how we can retrofit your existing lighting with LED replacements—possibly with no initial cash outlay and an immediate positive cash flow. GLS will help you finance the complete LED lighting conversion, and will demonstrate how the instant monthly energy savings more than covers the monthly cost of the LED retrofit. GLS will also help you discover any federal, state, and local power company incentives that add value to your LED lighting retrofit project.

Green Lighting Solutions offers a vast array of energy saving LED products, including bulbs and fixtures to suit any type of indoor and outdoor lighting. These neutral white LEDs create bright and natural lighting for offices, schools, hospitals,manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, parking lots, garages, retail centers and more. Green Lighting Solutions complete, turnkey LED solutions are installed by licensed professionals during off-peak and weekend hours to provide minimal disruption to your business.

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